While process and skill are important, so too are the core values that make us a strong team. These are the essential criteria we look for in new team-mates:

Autonomy & collaboration

Being a small team, we need everyone to act like a leader in their area. We push ourselves to be proactive and drive projects independently, while simultaneously collaborating with and supporting each other.

Hard Work

We focus on results, which means we keep the bar high and are always pushing ourselves towards more ambitious projects. We want to achieve big things, and for that, hard work is key.


We all aim for personal and professional growth — from learning a new tool to taking on more responsibility, we help and support each other as we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.


No matter how many projects we deliver, each of us still has plenty to learn and it’s crucial we stay humble. We are always open to critique, and always remain positive.


The design process is done when a project is live and achieving the desired result. To get there, we step beyond the remit of design to make sure we’re working with other teams in the best possible way.